Unique ceramic formula diatomite--Improved Flavor,the increased ceramic surface area means that excellent at Storing and Vaporizing more extracted oil.less leaking rate and better flavor.

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VT-C1 Ceramic Mouthpiece Glass Vape Cartridge


Model name VT-C1
Material  ceramic+glass                                 
Color  black/white
Coil  Embedded vertical creamic coil           
Thread  510
Resistance  1.4ohm
Intake Oil Holes  2.0mm
Capacity  0.5ml/1.0ml
Application  Herb Extract Oil
Size  52/62mm*10.5mm
Net weight  15g                                                                        


1) Simulation test of 3000 meters air pressure;
2) -20ºC- +60ºC temperature test ;
3) Salt Spray Test
4) Appearance Test(wearproof,Sweat,Rigidity,Adhesive Force Etc.)
5)Functional Test(Smoking amount,Suction, Backflow,Leakage,Capacity,Resistance,Short-Circuit Protection Etc.)
6) Life Test(Puffs,self-discharge of battery,Negative Pressure Leakage Ect.)
7) Drop Test,Vibration Test, Ect.


1. Vapestank Vcore adopts the "micro-vesicular“ technology to offer more heating surface area with high oil absorptiona rate. suitable for differ thickness oil and higher vaporizing efficiency.

2. 100 degrees Celsius temperature sintering more stable.




-Vapestank Ceramic Heating Core
-Tank Volume: 1.0ml/0.5ml  
-Standard 510 Thread 
-Customizable Mouthpiece

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